Sunday, September 9, 2012

Drunk Dozer Driver Destroyed!

 Drink driving is bad enough, but doing it in a digger, in a car park and in front of the other vehicles' owners is not clever.

This Russian bulldozer driver found that out to his cost as he clattered into a series of parked cars and a lorry before grinding to a slow halt.

After swerving from side-to-side and into a line of stationary motors he then tried to correct himself by going the other way - and into the truck.

Then, after finally stopping, a crowd of angry men piled onto his digger, which had a flat tyre, opened the cab to vent their frustration on him.

In a clearly drunken state he's pulled halfway out of the cabin as the men beat him black and blue before finally giving up.



Gabriel said...

"In Soviet Russia the pedestrians kill the drunk drivers."

found this funny comment on youtube.

David said...

In Russia, the first DUI is loosing your license for life, lets not talk about the second offense!