Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Man Gets Attacked With Dirty Underwear!

he Alachua County Sheriff’s Office arrested Johnny Wade Broestler, 46, of 9428 N. County Road 226, and charged him with battery for allegedly attacking Liddell, 60, with a pair of soiled underwear, according to an ASO arrest report.

At about 4 p.m. Saturday, Broestler walked into the camper while Liddell slept and started demanding money for the landlord.
Liddell woke up, and the men started arguing.
The dispute turned physical when Broestler grabbed the dirty underwear and smeared it on Liddell’s face, according to the report.
“The underwear was full of poop, and he was trying to wipe it all over me,” Liddell said Monday.
Liddell then pushed Broestler away and shoved the underwear back in Broestler’s face.
The fight spilled out onto Liddell’s driveway, where a neighbor broke up the dispute, and Liddell called police.
“When the cops came by, he was still covered with the poop,” Liddell said. “He never tried to wash himself to get it off.”


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Kat said...

Walter didn'tremove any of the evidence til the police arrived...OMG! I can't stop laughing right now...

Gabriel said...

Couldn't he just use a baseball bat like every other guy who's owed money to? Dirty underwear... maybe i'm just old-fashioned. lol

Nick Nafpliotis said...

While I greatly appreciate my article being sourced here, I would also appreciate if the entire text wasn't copied word for word : /

David said...

Hey Nick, I didn't realize I was stepping on another blogger so I changed to some of the newspaper text instead. Unfortunately my time for doing this is severely limited and I do a lot of looking then resort to copypasta. Someday that may change I hope. I like your site by the way!

David said...

Anyhow, what were crappy underwear on the floor anyway? I'm suspecting tank loads of alcohol fuel these two.