Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Swallows Super Expanding Water Balz!

Freida Deweese, thought[the baby] Aunraya had swallowed a "piece of candy." But it was actually a Water Balz toy, which starts out the size of a marble and is advertised to grow to 400 times its original size when put in water.
This little girl swallowed it, it absorbed moisture inside her, and it completely blocked her digestive system so that nothing could get through.

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Gabriel said...

This is one seriously dangerous toy. My warped mind is imagining a psychopath wrapping these things up in candy wrappers and giving it away to kids on Halloween.
From a scientific point of view this toy is as interesting as molecular acid. We don't sell acid as a toy, do we?

David said...

Oh wow, I didn't think of that one! I could so see that happening though. These things could be used in all sorts of ways to wreak havoc when it comes down to it.