Monday, December 31, 2012

Bed Bites Man

Grrr!  I'll Get You!!

"Emergency crews were called to a home in Reid in Canberra's east about 9am (AEDT) on Sunday, the ACT Emergency Services Agency said in a statement.Paramedics and rescue firefighters found the 60-year-old man impaled in the stomach on an ornamental bed headboard.
They worked for half-an-hour to free the man before taking him to Canberra Hospital in a serious but stable condition."

Sorry,  but there are no details on how he ended up impaled.  So I fancy that the bed came alive and tried to eat him.

  Grrr,  Arrgh!


Laury Coenen said...

The impaling aside, that bed is epic :D (as would a hungry bed be)!

David said...

You know I actually thought of you when I did this post Laury. I remember all those book reviews of yours. :)