Thursday, December 20, 2012

If You Smoke Pot, Get The Munchies, And Run Out Of Gas Don't Do This:

The residents said they awoke to Daniel Bailey knocking on a bedroom door and walked out to see him sitting on the stairs playing with their cat. After telling Bailey to get out, the residents found the Christmas tree and other lights had been turned on, candles were lit and the TV turned on in the living room.
"A coffee cake that had been inside a cabinet was [found] half-eaten out on the counter," a deputy reported.
It also appeared Bailey had played a round of darts on the board in the garage and taken gas caps off the lawn mower and three vehicles.
Bailey reportedly allowed deputies to search his Chevrolet Malibu, which was indeed out of gas.
But inside police found two cans of beer, a can of soda, two frozen dinners, three frozen pizzas, a box of Hot Pockets and a box of mozzarella sticks that had reportedly been taken from the freezer inside. The residents did not claim the two glass marijuana pipes that police found in Bailey's car.

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