Sunday, December 9, 2012

Guy Guts Dog To Get Back Swallowed Heroin

Police said the female pit bull's body was found by another dog owner walking her dog in the area. The 1 and ½ year-old dog named Xena was completely disemboweled and police discovered her entrails enclosed in a plastic bag that officers retrieved from a nearby dumpster.

The dog had apparently swallowed unpackaged heroin that Dugan said he had left on a counter in his home, including sealed bag of the narcotic, police said. Police think Dugan cut the dog open to retrieve the sealed bag of heroin.

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Gabriel said...

What a douchebag. Couldn't he just wait until the dog crapped out the dope naturally?

David said...

It would have been better for the dog! You never know what a dope fiend is gonna do.