Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Woman Harassed By Pigeon Seeks Help From Police

COO COO!  I'll get YOU!

 The exasperated woman told officers on Monday that the blue-grey pigeon had been a constant presence at her side for the past three weeks. She said the "strange bird" had been hanging round in her garden or on her terrace constantly.

 The woman claimed that every time she opened the door, the seemingly intelligent pigeon would immediately fly into the house. Her gentle attempts to persuade her unwanted guest to leave proved fruitless, as did her grandson's deployment of his water pistol.

 When it did get in, the stubborn animal would "leave traces that no good housewife would want in her home," the police report said.

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Gabriel said...

Like they weren't loud flying diseased rats enough, now, they're revolting against humans.
Are they still cute?
Quoth the pigeon, `Nevermore.'

David said...

Lol, this post is a dig at you. As you've noticed. :):)

Gabriel said...

hahaha yeah, i thought so :)