Sunday, December 16, 2012

Walmart Madness #55! Shopping Cart Rage Attack

Troopers say the incident happened when Samantha Miller of Markleysburg took an empty shopping cart that had been used by Stacey Marie Lewellen and began to enter the store.
Police said Lewellen “became enraged” and took the cart from Miller.
Miller then went to an area where the carts are collected and retrieved a different cart and proceeded to attempt to enter the store, police said.
Police said that Lewellen, who officers described as “still enraged” then “ran down” Miller, pushed a shopping cart into her back and then jumped onto Miller’s back and punched her in the face.



Gabriel said...

Battle of the Shopping Carts! A new sport is born, violent enough for the tastes of the 21st century audience. Something that'll be a mix between destruction derby and hockey. What a world

David said...

They are probably making a reality show about it now. :)