Sunday, December 9, 2012

Catfish Hunting Pigeons

They remind me of little alligators!


Laury Coenen said...

There is something so primeval about this, I love it.
I love huge/freakish animals anyway, have a look at a goliath tiger fish.

David said...

A Catfish gotta eat! LOL!! They go clear up on the beach so they say. I would too if starving, MUST EAT BIRD!!

Gabriel said...

I've got this 'cute factor' thing where i always root for the cute one. (except when crocodiles are involved. i like crocs.)
this isn't exactly a horrible slimy snake eating a cute furry rabbit, but i hate seeing the pigeons getting eaten. die catfish, die!

David said...

I think of pigeons as flying diseased rats ever since I had to live with them infesting the attic of a loft I lived in once. Nasty loud things!