Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Walmart Madness #57! Shoplifter Swings Her Baby Around In Escape Attempt

<--- The swinger,  Kahliah Martin

 The Spartanburg Public Safety Department said 20-year-old Kahliah Martin had placed two boxes of diapers and various electronics into her buggy, and proceeded past the cash registers and to the exit without paying for the merchandise.

Officers said the two loss prevention associates approached Martin, who ran out the exit into the parking lot, while carrying her 4-month-old daughter.
The report from SPSD said as Martin was running out, she was nearly struck by two vehicles in the parking lot, and "ran through the parking lot weaving in and out of cars swinging her daughter," before security officers subdued her, and escorted her back inside the store, before police arrived and arrested her.

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Mrs. Katie said...

Okay, seriously: what is it with Wal-Mart that attracts these people??? I boycott Walmart and have never shopped there because I think every vein and capillary of their practice is beyond f**king evil. It's almost like Walmart is becoming the vortex of a christian version of hell and all the dregs and demons are convening there to gather forces. If I were religious or believed in hell that's what I'd think Walmart was.

David said...

And there you are, it's a karma thing methinks. Evil practices attract evil doing, what you do to others comes back in spades to you, ect, ect. I stopped shopping at Walmart years ago not because of the freaky things that happen at the stores so much, but because of how they treat their employees, their business practices, exploited foreign labor, again - ect, ect..