Sunday, April 28, 2013

Don't Cut Off Your Limbs For Insurance Money

Two Spanish men were apparently so desperate for cash they decided to make a false £2.5 million insurance claim by cutting off their hands.

Unfortunately for the alleged fraudsters they were found to have done too good of a job of amputating their limbs.

The medics said one of the men, who were claiming to have been maimed in a car accident, had a cut that was too clean.
The hapless man, who has not been named, thought he’d be able to fool 11 insurance companies out of £2m by chopping his hand off with an electric saw.

‘The cut was too clean between the bone for a car crash, which is never so clean,’ said accident investigator José Luís Nieto.

‘This man might have got someone to use a saw to cut off his hand. A surgeon would never have done it.’

The second insurance claimant went a step further by cutting off his lower arm and claiming £500,000 for an ‘electric saw accident.’

His claim was also rejected after an investigation.



Laury Coenen said...

Perhaps if they were insured for stupidity they'd have gotten their money...

David said...

I could have made it look like a traffic accident for them by using a dull, rusty hatchet. ;)

Kat said...

Just plain dumb XD

David said...

For real Kat. At least they may qualify for some type of disability now, lol.