Monday, April 22, 2013

No Square To Spare!

A Brooklyn brother and sister who share an apartment despite restraining orders against each other battle it out over toilet paper:

"Howard Meltzer, 67, and Bernice Meltzer, 72, who constantly squabble and call cops on each other, took their rivalry to comical proportions Tuesday night when the sister allegedly dashed to her bedroom with the last roll of Charmin and locked herself in.

 Howard — who walks with a cane and sometimes uses a motorized scooter — banged furiously on her door and didn’t stop until almost midnight, a law-enforcement source said.

“Five hours he was knocking on that door,” a law-enforcement source said. “It sounds like he absolutely had to go bad.”

Howard said he had gone into the bathroom and found barely a square of toilet paper.

“The roll was full when I went there in the morning,” he told The Post as he left Brooklyn Criminal Court yesterday after being released without bail. “She unloaded a whole roll and left just a little, and when I looked up to the reserve, it wasn’t there.”

Howard soon found Bernice had taken the last roll into her room. He banged on the door.
“I said I want the toilet paper back by 1 [a.m.] or I’m calling the police,” Howard recalled.
At one point, he called a grocery store asking it to deliver two packs of Charmin to the Midwood home.

“I ordered it and would have paid anything. I needed it,” he said.

Howard said his sister put the TP back at around midnight.

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