Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Man Cooks And Eats His Own Finger

The above guy (David Playpenz) got in a motorcycle accident and was hospitalized with injuries to his hand.  When his finger ended up turning black and infected the doctors informed him that it would have to be amputated.  He did not want to part with the departed digit after the amputation and asked to take it home,  so he could eat it:

"He boiled the finger in salt water, adding: “Because I wanted to keep the bones, I decided not to fry or roast the finger, as that would damage them.

“I didn’t have sauce or drink wine with it as I wanted to know what the real taste was.”

He has been keeping the bones in a box since and insisted most of his friends did not mind his bizarre experience."


Octapolis said...

damn! THIS is strange! ;o)

David said...

You bet it is! I think the strangest part was how he boiled it and used no spices because he wanted to experience how it naturally tasted - that's freaky.

Kat said...

Yeah it´s freaky... and that he wanted to keep the bones, too. Maybe there were some cannibalism fantasy involved...Ugh.