Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ethics Professor Gropes Sleeping Woman

<--- Photo of the unethical ethicist.

"When the case first called in June, the woman spoke of her horror after waking up mid-flight to find herself being groped.
She said she was "speechless" when "a couple of minutes after I woke up he asked me if I enjoyed it".

Sheriff Graham Buchanan described it as a "squalid" incident after finding the professor, who is also an ordained minister, guilty at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

He said: "The accused concocted an elaborate fantasy. He has convinced himself now that this is what has happened.

"It's a petty and squalid incident where the accused took advantage for his his own sexual gratification."

Wannenwetsch went on trial facing a charge of sexual assault earlier this year and the case was continued until Monday.

During the hearing Wannenwetsch gave evidence admitting he committed a "moral wrong" by touching the woman on the plane but he denied sexually assaulting her."

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