Thursday, September 5, 2013

Guy Swallows Human Toe Used In Sourtoe Cocktails

One of the toes used to flavor the Sourtoe Cocktails

Bottom's Up!

Sucking on the yummy dead man toe

"Terry Lee, the bar’s “Toe Captain,” said that on Saturday night, an American patron, who had drunk the cocktail before, decided to ingest it this time.

Mr. Lee said the customer was a card-carrying member of the Sourtoe Cocktail Club, a distinction given to each person who tries the drink. To gain full membership, people agree to abide by the club rules, including a $500 fine if the toe is ingested. He said the patron drank the cocktail, swallowed the toe, put the money on the table and left. “He just wanted bragging rights, that’s what he wanted,” Mr. Lee said, adding the patron deliberately swallowed the toe."

Read the full story HERE


Joanne Casey said...

I have quite a strong stomach but that definitely tested it. Look at the toenail *BOOAKK*

David said...

Bwahaha! I first featured the Sourtoe Cocktail in my Strange Brews Indeed post. I am partially working on a Strange Brews Indeed #2, so that may be in the works for the future as I just have been bookmarking one or two strange drinks I find every once in a while.

Joanne Casey said...

There could almost be enough for a whole website maybe?

Laury Coenen said...

Why on earth would you drink something with a toe inside it?
Bragging rights are one thing, I suppose, but I'd pick a glass of banana liquor over this any day.

David said...

@Joanne - Well, maybe enough for a website if one didn't post too often.

@Laury - I'm not sure what the attraction is either, I've outgrown the need for bragging rights though. Though I have had no problem with a tequila worm in the past, that's my adventurous limit.

P.S. see my story from today, you can donate a toe the cause! Imagine a bunch of people drinking booze with your toe in the glass.