Saturday, September 7, 2013

Man Steals Womans Bicycle Seats So He Can Sniff, Lick Them, And...

"A 35 year old man in Yokohama has confessed to being the elusive bike seat snatcher who has been terrorizing the area since January. When police went to Joji Kondo's home (that's first name Joji, family name Kondo, in case you were wondering), they found over 200 ill gotten leather bike seats. No word on whether they were arranged into some kind of shrine or a pretty suit made of women's bike-seat skin.

Kondo claimed that he has an extraordinary sense of smell, and is able to distinguish between men's and women's bike seats by scent alone. We'll take his word for it. "

Be sure to watch this fine TomoNews animation,  including the elusive Tomo Tangent!

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