Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stolen Cookie Leads To Police Chase, Wrecked Car, And Home Invasion

Wanted For Questioning

"A clerk reported that a young man grabbed a cookie from near the cash register, walked outside and started eating it without paying for it and got into a car with two other young men.

The clerk, who had told the man to pay for the cookie, got the license number of the silver Nissan Altima and reported the minor larceny to police.

About 45 minutes later, Officer Crystal Wilson spotted the vehicle on Cowan Boulevard and tried to stop it. The car turned into the Commons at Cowan Boulevard next to the police station and was driven slowly through a parking lot, police said.

As the car approached the clubhouse area, its three occupants jumped out and began running, police said. They still hadn’t been found as of Thursday.

The car, which had been left running and in gear, drifted over a curb and down and embankment toward an apartment. It crashed into a tree, Bledsoe said, which stopped it from hitting the apartment building.

Wilson secured the vehicle and continued looking for its occupants.

A short time later, a woman ran up to the officer and told her that two men had just run into her apartment. The woman said she and her boyfriend were standing outside when the two men ran by and went up the stairs and through the apartment door, which was open.
The boyfriend confronted the men and told them to leave the home, which they did. They continued running until they were out of sight.


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