Monday, September 9, 2013

Judge That Used Penis Pump During Court Proceedings Has Pension Cut Off

<--- He should be glad that's all they are cutting off.

"A former Oklahoma judge who served prison time for using a penis pump while he presided over trials will have his hefty pension yanked for good, a court decided on Tuesday.

Ex-judge Donald D. Thompson had filed two appeals to have his retirement payments reinstated after they were cut off following a 2006 conviction for indecent exposure and other felony charges, The Oklahoman reported.

Thompson was caught using the sex enhancement device under his robe while he served on the bench as a Cook County judge in 2004 and served 20 months in jail following his conviction.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court unanimously upheld Tuesday a lower court's decision that Thompson should lose his monthly $7,789 pension check because his pervy behavior violated his judicial oath."


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