Friday, September 13, 2013

Restaurant Offers Free Burritos In Response To Bloody Diarrhea Outbreak

Backside Blasting Bloody Burrito Bomb Blues

Maricopa County, Ariz., officials believe that an E. coli breakout sickened 74 people that ate at Federico's Mexican Food in what became known as the "bloody diarrhea outbreak."

Federico's will offer free burritos in its newly sparkling restaurant. The outbreak only occurred at its Litchfield Park location, which voluntarily closed after word of the sickness spread.
The free burrito promotion falls on Mexican Independence Day.

While Federico's Mexican Food was closed, they brought in the "Queen of Clean," a TV cleaning personality that has been featured on Oprah, to be their "cleaning consultant."
She will be there for her free burrito now that the restaurant is spic and span.

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Laury Coenen said...

... I think I'd pass.

David said...

Me too. I don't eat out much any longer though. Most of it is bad for you anyhow, plus I've posted and seen too many horror stories.