Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Caturday Report! Lucky The Kitten Hitches Rides In Car Engine

Lucky Vrooom Vrooom

"A GALWAY kitten with a taste for travel hitched a 365km lift across the Border to make a new life in Co Down – stowing away in the engine of the car.

 t turned out to be Lucky's second attempt at leaving his New Inn home in Co Galway.
The kitten initially opted for an 'engine lift' to Loughrea before developing a taste for the unconventional mode of travel and heading much further afield.

He was discovered by car owner Andrew Bell when he arrived home to Helen's Bay in Co Down on September 9. Just days earlier Andrew had found the same kitten in the engine of his car after travelling the 15km between New Inn and Loughrea.

"I couldn't believe it was the same kitten in my car. I was visiting my girlfriend in New Inn and left at 5am to be back at work in Co Down for 9am. When I arrived home I heard purring and when I opened the bonnet, there it was," he said.

Despite attempts to find the rightful owner of the kitten, no one has come forward. Andrew has now found a new home for Lucky with a friend.


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