Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Worlds Tallest Man Saves Dolphins By Reaching Into Their Stomachs

Mongolian herdsman Bao Xishun was called in after the dolphins swallowed plastic used around their pool at an aquarium in Fushun, north-east China. 

Attempts to use instruments failed as the dolphins contracted their stomachs. 

Guinness World Records list Mr Bao, 54, as the world's tallest living man at 2.36m (7ft 8.95in).

Veterinarians turned to Mr Bao after attempts to extract the plastic shards at the aquarium in Fushun, Liaoning Province, had failed. 

Mr Bao was called in after surgical instruments failed

The mammals had lost their appetite and were suffering depression, aquarium officials said.

The heads of the dolphins were held back and towels wrapped around their teeth so Mr Bao could not be bitten.

He then extended his 1.06m-long arm into the mammals' stomachs.

Chen Lujun, manager of Royal Jidi Ocean World, said Mr Bao was successful and the dolphins were "in very good condition now".



Laury Coenen said...

One of those "couldn't make it up if you tried" but awesome stories :P

David said...

It turns out that it is news from 2006. Oh well, still cool and still not posted here.