Saturday, May 4, 2013

Man Arrested With Roasted Human Fetuses

The corpses of the unborn baby boys were found packed in a suitcase in his hotel room in Bangkok’s Chinatown district.

Chow Hok Kuen, 28, who holds a British passport but is of Taiwanese origin, confessed to police that he had bought the foetuses several days earlier for almost £4,000. The source of the foetuses is unclear.

He said he intended to smuggle them to Taiwan where they would be sold for as much as six times what he paid on the internet to people who believe that their possession would bring wealth and good luck.

The man told police that that he was hired by another Taiwanese man, named Kun Yichen, who regularly travelled to Thailand to collect the ritualistic foetuses.



Kat said...

EVERYthing brings wealth and good luck in china!!!!!!!!! ARGH! This makes me sick O____O

David said...

Tell me about it Kat! And various animal penises bring virility, eyes bringing better sight. They are pretty freaky over there. Glad I'm a good old fashion Irish/German American!