Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Meet The Blue Balled Monkey

One of the latest new species discovered by scientists in 2012 is a monkey with a blue backside and blue balls, or testicles. The Lesula monkey, which was discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo, also has human – like eyes. It is on the list of the Top Ten species that were newly discovered by scientists last year.

The monkey with blue genitals joins the list that was announced by the international Institute for Species Exploration at Arizona State University. The publication of the list comes just in time to mark the birthday of the founder of the modern system of species classification, Carolus Linnaeus.
Natives of the DRC had known of the monkey and often hunted it for its meat, but scientists just confirmed and described its existence in 2012.

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Laury Coenen said...

Maybe he was just cold....

David said...

Maybe there are no lady monkeys around. :)