Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Newborn Baby Flushed Down Toilet, Cut Out Of Sewer Pipe

Alarmed neighbors saw a tiny foot and called the fire department. Unable to pull the baby out, rescuers went to the floor below and sawed away the entire section of sewer pipe.

 But still, the baby remained wedged inside.  So, sewer section and baby were taken to the local hospital where firefighters and surgeons, working together, carefully began removing the pipe piece by piece.

An hour later, success!  A newborn baby rescued, the afterbirth still attached.

Chinese media said he is a baby boy and is now in stable condition.

Police say they are looking for the parents. They say no one has yet to come forward to claim the child.



Laury Coenen said...

I highly doubt anyone would come forward for this poor kid.
I can't believe you could just 'get rid' of a helpless little baby like that, desperate or not :(

David said...

I've seen photos of many Chinese walking past a dead infant on the street, life means less to them. That was a great video from RT though, incredible!