Saturday, May 18, 2013

Walmart Madness #90! Cross-dressing Shoplifter Abandons Little Boy

What they thought was a female suspect was confronted by Walmart security for trying to steal about $600 dollars in items from the store.  The cross-dressing suspect then abandoned a little five year old boy at the Walmart and fled in a black Mitsubishi Galant:

"It wasn't long until the boy's family was calling Walmart to ask about him, and they added an interesting twist that would make it hard for authorities to identify a suspect.

"During one of their conversations, they were advised that the suspect was in fact a male, and not a female, as originally believed," a deputy wrote.

Family members told police the man was the boy's uncle who "liked to dress in drag," but the boy's mother said she didn't recognize a photo of the man believed to be her brother, according to authorities.

The mom said her neighbor had picked up the boy from pre-k.

"(The woman) did not know how (the) juvenile came to be at Walmart and she did not have a telephone number or address for the individual who had her child," the deputy wrote. "(She) also refused to cooperate with the investigation and would not provide a telephone number for (one of the suspects), stating that she did not know it.

"The fact that (she) claimed not to know basic information about the person who she had entrusted her child to was unsettling, even if the probability of if being a truthful account was infinitesimal."
The boy, who the deputy said was calm, was given food, drink and toys while authorities investigated.
"When I arrived at the (loss prevention office), I observed (the) juvenile to be playing with the toys that he had been provided with. Juvenile seemed to be physically sound and did not seem to have been harmed," the report says. "He made idle conversation with all the adults present and seemed unnaturally accustomed to being around strangers."

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