Friday, May 24, 2013

Man Pulls AK-47 On Neighbor For Plinking Rabbits

According to the arrest report, the incident began when a man was shooting an air gun from his back porch at rabbits that were damaging his garden on Cliff Avenue.

 His next-door neighbor, Rodney Wold, saw him shooting at the rabbits, went inside his home and came back out with an AK-47, according to the report.

“He loaded the magazine with, I believe it was, 19 rounds and went back outside and pointed it at his neighbor and said, ‘If you want to hunt something, hunt men,’” police spokeswoman Carey Klain said.

When police arrived, Wold let them search his home and the AK-47 was found between the mattress and box spring of a bed.


Joanne Casey said...

Ha ha, good on him, an animal-loving mentalist :)

David said...

There is a guy to avoid like the plague! He has those madman eyes does he not?

Joanne Casey said...

I thought a fly had landed on his eyeball lol

David said...

Lol, it does kind of look like he is trying to see the end of his nose.