Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bonus Caturday Report! Kitten Stuck In Washing Machine For Entire Cycle!

Eight-week-old Gollum is thought to have hidden in a pile of laundry to escape the noise of owner Lauren Gavin hoovering.

Lauren, 22, then tipped the load into the washing machine and put it on a full colour wash without spotting her inside.

When she opened the washing machine half-an-hour later Gollum fell out unconscious.
Horrified Lauren, of Larkfield, Kent, said: “When I saw her I was devastated. She was meowing so faintly I could barely hear it, and she was hardly breathing. It was just so unexpected.
Lauren rushed the tortoiseshell to a nearby vets' clinic.

Gollum was so cold and had so much fluid around her lungs that it took an hour to raise her temperature.

But after being fitted with a drip the wet pet eventually came to and returned home the same night.
Lauren added: “She is practically back to her normal self.

“I’m so grateful to the vets for saving her life.”

Verity Page, practice manager at Sandhole Vets, said: “She is an amazing little kitten. She is like a miracle case. We are amazed she survived.”


Joanne Casey said...

Poor wee thing!

David said...

Yeah, I bet he will try to claw his way out of the house whenever the washer is on from now on out.