Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Teacher Suspended For Touching Student With Banana

The student alleges that [the teacher] Hampton "rubbed [her] head and neck area with a banana," leaving her embarrassed and humiliated.

"That is disgusting, very disgusting," said the grandmother of a student at the school. "I don't think he should be allowed to teach kids. You don't do stuff like that and get away with it."

Hampton's lawyer (and stepfather) Mark Fiedelholtz says the entire thing was blown out of proportion, and that Hampton tapped a student with a banana from his lunch to get her attention, and that sometimes a banana is just a banana.

"There was nothing else to it," the attorney said.

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Laury Coenen said...

That's one way to get your five a day.

David said...

Hahaha! I suppose so.