Friday, October 19, 2012

Featured Friend Friday #3!

Bree Rising!

 " It was as if I had woken up from a dream, but usually you don't wake up years older, with a kid, not knowing what you're doing, and fearing life." - Bree

And there we have it from Bree's first blog post ever.  I ran into her somewhat later in time,  I count myself lucky that I ran into her at all.  A blog is born onto the internet every one half of a second you know,  twisting in the wind of uncaring.  This has to be one of the best personal blogs ever.  And she turned me on to the band Skinny Puppy to boot!

She is so full of very large ups and downs,  a lot of things don't go her way and life can be crappy.  This girl soldiers on as only she can though,  and her highs,  through her great writing,  become the readers highs also.  Such a wonderful person to meet.   

Rise on Bree!

Visit her here if you dare! :)


Breethulhu said...

Awww, thank you sir!

David said...

About the same time you were hired to be a zombie and then quit or whatever, I was hooked on the Soungarden song posted. Then you got back up on your feet. The next time I heard Live To Rise it had your name written all over it in my mind. That's when I decided to post you as Featured Friend Friday #3.

Lucky for me the idea was there as I passed out that Friday and had to get the post done minutes before midnight, lol.

I'll permalink my Featured Friends in the sidebar one of these days btw.

Breethulhu said...

I love the song. I guess you could say I'm flattered it made you think of me.

David said...

No sweat, it's fun doing these posts. I wonder who's next, hmm.