Monday, October 29, 2012

Furniture Re-arranger Terrorizes Home

A family says an unwelcome visitor keeps striking their Albuquerque home with an unusually goal — to re-arrange their patio furniture.
KOB-TV reports that the unknown woman enters onto the family's property to change things around for some peculiar reason. Surveillance footage shows her walking up to the front porch early in the morning and moving around the family's patio furniture.
Angela Dentandt says at first she thought that her daughter was moving the furniture until she saw the video. She says after each clandestine re-arranging she puts the furniture back in its original place.
Dentandt's husband, Carl, says it appears that the woman is on some mission.



Laury Coenen said...

As an ultimate act of trolling I'd glue the furniture stuck to the spot and film the woman's reaction.

David said...

^Haha! She can come on over to my place though. My furniture could use re-arranging. And I hope she does windows!

Laury Coenen said...

Well, if she does windows, dishes, vaccuuming and ironing she can drop by any time... :)

David said...

I bet she could bake some nice Halloween cookies, that's what I really want. :)

Gabriel said...

There should be more creepy people like this. Not harming anyone, but giving a stranger's life a little more excitement and wonder. hahaha!

David said...

I think she just saw that the arrangements were ugly and re-arranged it.

It's sorry they interpreted this as their snowflake being threatened.