Thursday, October 11, 2012

Man Goes Home From Prison To Find Wife Is A Mummy

A man released from prison returned home to find his wife dead and her body in such an advanced stage of decay it had been mummified.
The Spanish man, identified as Eduardo R, had not heard from his wife Angeles Fernandez for nearly two years.

According to local government reports, it was argued that not even the husband had authorization to enter the [smelly] home ‘since he did not have a relationship with his wife due to his situation of serving a sentence.’
The mummified body bore no signs of violence, although authorities will carry out an autopsy to determine cause of death.


Gabriel said...

For 2 years no one thought about her enough to visit or see if she was ok. That kind of loneliness has got to be hard.
There's a documentary on a woman who spent 5 years rotting away in her apartment in the UK before someone found her. Supposedly she was wrapping Christmas presents when she died and the TV was still on when they found her.

Gabriel said...

It was actually 3 years and her name was Joyce Vincent. The documentary is very moving.

David said...

^ That is amazing! I checked to see if the video is online somewhere and it isn't yet. I wonder if there's a torrent out there?

Gabriel said...

There is ;) It's called Dreams of a Life. Because of certain similarities I share with this woman I have this doomed feeling of also sharing her fate, one day.

David said...

Found it, now I just have to go to the library sometime soon to do the actual torrent. I'm Looking forward to seeing this.

Gabriel said...

Cool. Let me know when you've seen it.

Theresa said...

Several years ago I might have believed these, but consider the money. How were the women paying for their dwellings? Their utilities? You're not making money if you're dead. Debtors and housing associations don't wait 3+ years to start collection or foreclosure processes.

Plus no one, in 2 years, broke into the Fernandez/R home? No one got angry enough to do something, come heck or high water? People burgle houses and flats. People break in to save animals.

The judge was unbelievable in this case, but so were the neighbor's lack of reactions.

David said...

^ I've wondered that myself. The article didn't mention anything about haw rent, utilities, ect. Were being pzid. I hope when I see "Dreams Of A Life" it will clear things up in that story at least.

Nice to hear from you.