Thursday, October 18, 2012

Someone Steals Van Full Of Dead Bodies

"The heat is on master!"

The driver had just loaded the coffins into the van and had gone to wash his hands before driving from the German capital to the crematorium in Meissen, Saxony, a company spokesman said. But when he came back to the van, it was gone.

“The driver did everything right,” the spokesman told Die Welt newspaper, adding that he had even locked the van for the few minutes that he was away.

A spokesman for the Meissen town authorities confirmed that the bodies had been expected. Bodies are often taken there for cremation because it is particularly cheap, the paper said.

Now 12 families face an uncertain wait for the ashes of their loved-ones, while police try to track down the vehicle. 

Read more at The Local,  HERE


Gabriel said...

Hope the robber got a good scare when he realized what was in the back.

Image and quote are perversely hilarious. Nice one!

David said...

Haha! I'm still in a Halloween mood. :)

Dr. Theda said...

And they call me a "Body-Snatcher" Thanks for the laugh

David said...

You are quite welcome Doc.