Sunday, October 14, 2012

Toddler Served Whisky At Restaurant

<--- What will they do with the drunken baby early in the morning?

Sonny Rees drank the whisky at his second birthday in a Frankie and Benny's restaurant in Swansea.
His mother Nina Rees only realised the mistake after he had nearly finished the drink.
Sonny, from Pontarddulais in Swansea, was taken to accident and emergency where he was kept under observation by doctors.

Sonny's mother Nina Rees, 34, said: "We went to the restaurant just after midday and I had ordered him lime juice and water, his favourite.
"The drinks arrived and I was encouraging him to take sips because he was eating salty things.
"We had finished our first course when we noticed he was pulling a face as he was drinking.
"I took it from him and took a sip myself.
"It was whisky, I would say a double. As soon as I sipped it I had the slight burny feeling in my throat and warming in my chest.
"Sonny had taken about 10 sips - he was obviously intoxicated.

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And watch this video of a drunken baby trashing a bar:


Gabriel said...

hahaha! this video is one of the most hilarious things i've seen in a long long time!! Outstanding, David.

Laury Coenen said...

I bet he slept pretty well that night...

David said...

I love that video too, that baby girl is SOOO cute! It created a bit of controversy though as you can imagine.

And yeah, I bet the little guy crashed hard. I wonder if he had a hangover?