Thursday, October 11, 2012

Restaurant Removes Woman Mouth Urinals

The Ananas Bar and Brasserie said the bright red-lipped urinals shaped like an open mouth were "a commonly used European design piece from female Dutch artist Meike van Schijndel".
"We sincerely apologise if they have caused offence. They are being removed today," a spokeswoman said in a statement.

Feminist, former political adviser and writer Anne Summers said the design was offensive. "Misogyny is very widespread, and this is just an example of misogyny," said Summers.
"The concept is pretty challenging and confronting. They're asking men to put their d(expletive) in these mouths as urinals."

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Gabriel said...

Bah! I understand how wrong and widespread sexism and misogyny are, but feminism makes me sigh with a smile sometimes. There's this shopping mall I've been to where the urinals have pics of women laughing and pointing at your 'you know what'. It might be distracting or annoying to some, but no man went to the media screaming how offended they felt.

David said...

I agree, she didn't have to get all pissy about it.