Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walmart Madness #52! Shoplifter Didn't Know What Was Going On

<--- And I tend to believe her!

The employee told the deputy he saw the woman and an unidentified man choose two sets ot Titech golf clubs, then proceed to the infants department and take a Fisher Price Project Mobile toy. They also took a bed set, which they placed under the golf clubs.
He said they split up and Gibbons pushed her shopping cart to the side exit, passing multiple points of sale. She was stopped at the door. A 36-count pack of Intech Beta golf balls was also among the items in the cart, bringing the total to $312.66.
This sequence of events was confirmed by another store employee, who said he watched Gibbons push the cart past multiple points of sale without paying for them.
Gibbons said she was at the store with a male companion, who told her had receipts for the items. He allegedly went outside to get the receipt but never returned. Gibbons admitted she believed what they were doing was somehow illegal, but said she didn't know exactly what was going on.


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