Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bonus Caturday Report! Cat Looses Ears Due To Sunburn

The 8-year-old white stray named Luna risked contracting skin cancer after getting burnt on the streets of Kilmarnock, Scotland and had to have her sun-blistered ears removed.

Nevertheless, her hearing is fine and charity Cats Protection in North Ayrshire is looking for a new home for her.

Volunteer Nina Chisholm said: "Every cat is different and she has had a rough time.

"She needs time to get her confidence back. She can be loving when she knows you but she is quite guarded.

"People might be put off by the way she looks, but cats that have problems like only three legs or a missing eye quite often get the sympathy vote."

The charity is also raising awareness for owners of cats with white or pale fur to take extra care with sun exposure.

Director of Cats Protection Maggie Roberts said: "White or pale colored cats are most vulnerable to sunlight because they have little pigment or hair to protect them from harmful UVB waves.

"To help reduce the risk of sunburn, try to keep susceptible cats indoors or in the shade between 11am and 4pm when the sun is at its hottest."

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