Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Walmart Madness #99! Backpack Filled With Sex Toys Causes Bomb Scare In Walmart

A man carrying a backpack full of sex toys caused a horrible bomb scare at an Aurora,  Colorado Walmart the other night.  What was thought to be a backpack full of high explosives turned out to be filled with penis pumps,  clothes pins,  anal lubricant,  feathers,  a whip,  and a package of glow sticks.

The bomb disposal team at the scene of the horrible Walmart sex toy bomb scare

"...a man wearing a backpack acted suspicious when the woman he was with was caught shoplifting, said Cassidee Carlson, Aurora police spokeswoman.

"Police contacted him in the parking lot after security looked in the backpack and saw some liquids and piping," she said.

Something in the backpack got a "hit" from a bomb-sniffing dog, so the bomb squad was called in, she said.

"There was no bomb, only sex toys," she said. "The man had active warrants, so he was arrested, anyway."

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