Thursday, July 11, 2013

Walmart Madness #97! Man Throws His Sperm Onto Female Shopper

"A Delaware man threw semen on a female customer shopping at Walmart Tuesday afternoon, police allege.

Cops arrested Frank J. Short Jr., 22, on an assortment of charges in connection with the repulsive incident at the store in New Castle. Short, seen in the below mug shot, was booked into a Wilmington jail, from which he was later released on bail.

According to a Delaware State Police report, the 20-year-old victim was standing in a Walmart aisle texting on her phone when Short walked past her, saying “Excuse me.” At that point, police noted, she “suddenly felt something wet on her buttocks, thigh and leg.”

Upon examination, the woman--who thought she may have been spat upon--realized there was a “a ‘glob’ of semen on her leg, just below her knee,” reported police. Preliminary testing of the substance was “indicative of semen,” investigators added.

The woman, who said she was initially “in shock at what had happened,” told cops that as she walked through Walmart looking for help, Short followed her. She subsequently was escorted by workers to a security office, where a store manager called police (who, upon arrival, arrested Short)."

Read the whole story,  including the police report,  over at:       THE SMOKING GUN

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