Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hairy Sex Dwarf Again Molesting Victims

The Hairy Sex Dwarf,  Tolkoloshe

WOMEN are living in fear of a hairy sex dwarf reported to suck on his unsuspecting victims. 
  The creature known as a Tokoloshe has apparently been causing havoc in the village Bethanie in Namibia, southern Africa,since early this year.

“The Tokoloshe sexually abused us,” reported Veterika Gawises, a 37-year old mother of six children.

Gawises said that she was shocked by the ordeal and is very afraid as this unexplained phenomenon presents a particular kind of hell for women in the village.

Another woman who reportedly suffered the torment of the breast-sucking tokoloshe refused to speak out of fear.


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Laury Coenen said...

Hairy sex dwa... Yeah, I did read that right.