Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Man Makes Gun Hand Gestures At Theater, Causes Panic

Darrell "WTF" Reynolds

The man in question, 54-year-old Darrell Reynolds, allegedly entered a theater showing the movie “World War Z” Friday night and scared the crowd by pretending he was shooting a gun, according to

"It was dark and nobody could really tell especially if you were in the back and you just see a guy going 'choo choo choo,’” said Caroline Morales, one of the people in the theater Friday night. “The rumor quickly spread that it was a gun and everyone is rushing to the exit quickly. We couldn't have got out if we wanted to."

Movie-goers reportedly thought Reynolds was carrying a real gun, which caused something of a panic, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Police arrested Reynolds in the movie theater lobby.


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