Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Death Valley Rangers To Public: "Stop Cooking Eggs On The Sidewalks!"

"With current temperatures hovering above 120 degrees, rangers in Death Valley National Park have some advice for would-be visitors: Drink plenty of water, avoid excessive outdoor activity and, please, stop trying to fry eggs on the pavement. It doesn’t work, it makes a mess and the staff has better things to do than clean up after you.

In fact, the proliferation of broken shells, discarded cartons and accumulated goo has reached such a point that the park recently took to its Facebook page to implore people to stop — or at least use a pan or tin foil and dispose of the results when they’re done."

Read the whole story HERE

And below is a video on how to properly cook an egg Death Valley style:


joe said...

I always wondered if that would work

David said...

And it does, but the key is to keep them covered to avoid evaporation, which causes too much cooling.