Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Caturday Report! Creepy Kitty Killer Gets A Year In Jail

“You are a criminal. The jury’s verdict made you a criminal . . . A prison sentence is warranted. You acted with aggravated cruelty to an animal, which you admitted to,” said [judge] Zayas.

Ferrugio, 50, of Ozone Park, used a wrench to beat the black-and-white kitty in February 2012 after it scratched his arm as he fixed his car’s tire outside of Neir’s Tavern.

RICHARD FERRUGIO Says it attacked him first.
RICHARD FERRUGIO Says it attacked him first.
“This defendant should be the example and sentenced to the maximum to show that his actions against animals won’t be tolerated. It is proven that acts against animals turn to acts of violence with humans,” said Queens Assistant District Attorney Hugo Basso.

He added that Ferrugio turned down probation offers on “several occasions,” despite warnings that he could get jail time.

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Gabriel said...

After reading the full story, I'm kinda divided on this. A part of me wants him to rot in prison. Another thinks this is something that just happened.

David said...

That case is typical here as one where they offered a plea bargain where he would do little or no jail time, he did not take it, so they throw the book at the offender and give them the maximum sentence.

I'm glad for this little perversion of justice in this case though.