Friday, July 12, 2013

Woman Struck By Lightning Delivers Baby

As a major lightning storm moved into Albuquerque on the Fourth of July, Ian Gordon and his pregnant girlfriend Kendra Villanueva knew they had to get inside quickly.

"I had turned and started walking," Gordon told Action 7 News. "And next thing I remember, I woke up on the ground. My car alarm was blaring and I was dazed. I didn't know what happened."

What happened was the young couple had been struck by lightning underneath a tree in Gordon's mother's front yard. Villanueva said she woke up bleeding from her hand, where electricity left her body. Her only concern was for her unborn baby.

"I woke up and I didn't think she was going to make it for sure,” Villanueva said.

Miraculously, the baby did make it. The young mom was rushed to the hospital and the newborn, Kimberly, was delivered by emergency C-section two and a half weeks early.

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