Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Easter Bunny Mascot Attacked By Crazed Teacher, Has Head Ripped Off

The stressed out teacher yelled "IT'S NOT A THE REAL EASTER BUNNY,  IT'S A FRAUD!"  and proceeded to rip the head off the Easter Bunny to the horrified cries and wailing of petrified children.

"The person wearing a three-piece costume, including a helmet assembly with chin strap and large pink ears, had his head and neck jerked backwards when the bunny’s head was pulled by Harry and the chin strap broke.

Another employee asked several times for Harry to leave the store before being pushed in the chest with force.

He lost his balance, fell backwards into a child and then to the ground with everything captured on closed-circuit camera."

Read the whole "Hare" raising story over at BORDERMAIL 

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