Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dog Nursing Kittens Abandon Outside Animal Shelter

"An unlikely family was found abandoned in front of the Terrell Animal Shelter, which was closed for the Fourth of July holiday.

Someone tied a black Chihuahua mix to a pole in front of the shelter and left a box next to her.
“I looked and saw two little balls of fur with her and I thought it was a couple puppies,” said Officer Steven Johns, who saw the dog and took the three animals to the shelter and gave them food and water.

“I went to move them into a cage and moved the mama dog out of the way; much to my surprise mama dog is nursing two kittens instead of two puppies,” he said.

The mama dog kept a close eye on the officer as he moved her adopted babies, who were days-old kittens. The unusual family caught the eye of Deborah Franklin, a foster mom with Paws Patrol Animal Rescue.

“She’d want to come to you and she’d look at the babies and it’s like, ‘I can’t leave them,’ and I thought, ‘Now, listen, that little dog deserves a good home,’” she said.

 Read the whole story (with video) HERE


joe said...

That's cute but extremely bizarre

David said...

And more common than you would think! There are a few more like these in my Caturday Reports and elswhere here.. and welcome to SDIN!