Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sex In Apartment Building's Stairwell Results In Woman Getting Head Stuck

She may want to find a different boyfriend after this:

"Sex in the stairwell ended in a rescue call for a Russian woman who was left trapped after her head got stuck in the railings — and her lover took off, leaving her naked on the steps.

The woman, 46, and her runaway boyfriend were making out in her apartment stairwell in Lipetsk, Russia, when her head became stuck, the website Digital Spy reported.

Fortunately, a neighbour found the naked woman, who couldn't free herself, and called police."



Laury Coenen said...

Try explaining that one :P
At least she'll have a good story to tell at parties!

David said...

I don't think she will be telling the story! Her "runaway" boyfriend took off. If he is a runaway he is probably a teen.