Saturday, July 6, 2013

Woman Kisses Cops Nose, Gets Charged With Felony Battery

According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the home of 62-year-old Peggy Hill on Saturday after a dispute with a neighbor about a fence between their properties.

The report claimed that Sgt. Randy Lamb was speaking to Hill when “she approached him and kissed him on the nose against his will.”
“He stepped away from her, wiped off the saliva off from his nose, attempted to take her into custody and she started to struggle with him,” the report said.

Hill explained to the officers that the neighbors had been arguing over chicken wire on the fence. She reportedly told police that she had “about 3 glasses of wine” before they arrived on the scene.

“She advised that Sgt. Lamb was being aggressive towards her,” the charging officer wrote. “She could tell he was being aggressive by his body posture. She admitted that the thought just popped in her head to kiss him on the nose, so she kissed him on the nose. She advised that she was not being aggressive towards him.”


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