Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pink Panther Makes Spectacular Prison Escape, Inspector Clouseau Unavailable For Comment

"A spectacular Swiss jailbreak has freed a member of the notorious Pink Panther gang of jewel thieves. 

The escapee was the third member of the Pink Panthers to get busted out of jail in recent months.

In a twist, a second man who fled during Thursday's jail break had escaped from the same prison once before in 1992.

Interpol has described the Pink Panthers as a loose network of about 200 criminals, mainly from the former Yugoslavia, who are linked to 341 robberies worth $438 million from gem shops in Dubai, Switzerland, the U.S., Japan, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain and Monaco.

Milan Poparic, 34, a Bosnian member of the jewelry gang, was sprung on Thursday from the Orbe prison in Switzerland's western canton of Vaud.

The two convicts escaped after a pair of accomplices rammed a pickup van into a side gate during exercise time, placed ladders over a barbed wire fence and sprayed prison guards with Kalashnikovs rifles. No one was injured.

The accomplices set the pickup van on fire and escaped with the prisoners in a second vehicle."

Switzerland may want to review their prison security.

Read more about the escapes HERE

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